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A Holistic Approach in Custom Boarding and Day Care

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Balancing, Healthy, Eco-Friendly/Low Toxicity Guardianship in a Caring Environment
Outing at the Shrine with our provided snowsuit and comfortable balance harnessFriends playing on the couch togetherBourbon and Zoe playing frisbee in the play yard yinyang

Nirvana- 1) the state of perfect happiness and peace in Buddhism where there is release from all forms of suffering 2) a state or place of great happiness and peace


  • A unique, one-of-a-kind, customized Boarding and Day Care experience for your puppy or dog
  • Safe, private, home environment and calming, relaxing atmosphere
  • Day and night supervision
  • Closed Circuit Audio/Video, Day/Night play yard surveillance system
  • Healthy gourmet treats
  • Fleecy bed comfort for naps and bedtime, or the famous "Dog Couch"
  • Play yard/activities
  • Flexible pickup and drop off arrangements
  • Specialty services available
  • Assisted and Intensive Care available for old, infirm, special needs or recuperating pets
  • Please see Credentials for a complete listing of our training, qualifications and 28 years experience.
  • Thank you to all our Past Clients! Even though you are a returning client, please fill out this "First time client" form, with our new, updated information.



Please read vaccinations and other requirements, before submitting form.

  • First Time clients/dog... Please call us for reservations at 907-790-DOGS (3647) or email us at info@caninesunlimited.com to find out availability for the dates you are considering. Once you have verified space availability, please complete the Boarding & Day Care Registration on-line.
  • Returning clients/dogs (after April 1, 2018), please call us for reservations at 907-790-DOGS (3647) or email us at info@caninesunlimited.com to find out availability for the dates you are considering. Please use returning client form to request dates. This form is ONLY for dogs that have stayed with us since April 1, 2018, with the same address and contact information as previous stay with us.


  • Note: At the moment, we are only able to take small and medium size dogs, (up to about 55#). Large dogs will get their chance later.

BOARDING and DAY CARE includes:

  • Reverse Osmosis water (removes toxic substances)
  • Glass water/food dishes (does not leach toxins from plastic, crocery, melanine, stainless steel, etc.)
  • Full Spectrum/incandescent lighting (avoid detrimental effects of florescent/LED)
  • No internet or computers on at night and when not in use during day (eliminate EMF waves whenever possible)
  • Laundry-clear, fragrence free detergent, no water softeners
  • Laundry-only air/heat dry, no dryer sheets or other finalizing chemicals
  • Dog toys - avoid/eliminate phthalates and other toxic chemicals commonly found in plastics
  • Store food and perishables in glass containers whenever possible
  • Use of natural cleaning materials including vinegar, essential oils, lemon, etc.
  • Non-use of toxic pesticides in play yard
  • Use of theraputic grade Essential Oils for calming, relaxing and more
  • Use of Flower Essences for balancing, reducing anxiety, and more
  • Use of soothing Sounds and Music, for stress reduction and relaxation
  • Dog Treats are (human) Food Grade, without preservatives, soy, wheat, grains
  • Natural flea deterent measures taken
  • No commercial air fresheners or scented candles used
  • Rebalancing and energetic space clearing done in our facility, for a peaceful, soothing environment
  • Periodic status communications regarding your pet's stay
  • Private "Room" and "Room Service"
  • Hepa Filter vacuumn system used to lower household dust and toxic particulates brought in from outside on feet and shoes
  • TTouch "wraps" or similar, for calming and lowering stress
  • Training maintenance
  • We will feed your dog's diet and medications as no extra cost. We also have high quality foods available, for purchase.
  • and more

Cost: Boarding - $75; each additional dog $65

Day Care - $50 (Available primarily on Mondays and Wednesdays)

SPA PACKAGE - Our Specialty #1
- A truly special package of a wonderfully relaxing, soothing, gentle, comforting experience for well-being and harmony, drawing from our extensive repretoire of methods and techniques. It includes:

TTouch body work and movement exercises
Reflexology with soothing paw cremePeter relaxes with some TTouch from Martha
Color balancing use based on Dinshah Color Protocols
And Much More

(Our Background: Certified TTouch Practitioner, Training in Reflexology, Canine Accupressure and Massage, Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics, Reiki I & II, EFT, Eden Energy Medicine, and more)

Cost: Spa Package - $15, or $10 if bundled with Sherlock & Einstein Package


Sherlock & Einstein Package - Our Specialty #2
For uplifting, fun activities, mental and physical "exercise", personalized enrichment program and considerations. It includes activities such as:
"Nosy Dog "Sherlock Games", Nosework (Scent Discrimination-Finding Food, Toys, Objects & More)
TricksAtilla showing off his recall
Brain Games
Retrievingnosework puzzles
Practical Activities
Surprise Projects
And More

(Our Background: Certified TTouch Trainer, K9 Nosework and Nosework Instructor Training; AKC Certified CGC Evaluator, S.T.A.R. Puppy Instructor/Evaluator, Trick Dog Evaluator; Retrieving, Flyball, Obedience, Freestyle, Clicker, and more)

Cost: Sherlock & Einstein Package - $15, or $10 if bundled with Spa Package


Spa + Sherlock & Einstein Package + daily email- $20


Private Suite (For more privacy or for dogs needing separate accomodations.)-$10 (ask about availability).

Training Services: If you would like specific training issues worked with, please contact us. We are a Certified Trainer, with 28 years experience teaching Obedience and other activities.


Grooming Services:

As a Certified All-Breed Professional Groomer, we are able to provide the full spectrum in grooming services. Please inquire, if you are interested.

Shylee after her groomingFinished cocker grooming




"Martha provides the best dog-sitting service we've ever found - in 4 states and 2 countries. Instead of the usual impersonal boarding kennel experience, it's more like going to Aunt Martha's house for a visit. When I dropped off my dog she bounded happily into the house, and when I picked her up a week later, she was happy & calm. Best of all, Martha sent fun daily email reports - complete with photos of my collie's adventures! The peace of mind knowing that my dog was in good hands in a home environment, getting affection & individual attention took the worry out of my trip."
Alicia Kelley, Juneau"

"Karluk is wonderful. He seems to have gotten the idea of going outside. You are a wonder worker.... You are the best and Karluk was lucky to meet you. Thanks."
--------------Judith LaRochelle

"We were so incredibly fortunate that Martha was able to provide dog-sitting/care for Jenny while we had to be out of town for medical reasons for almost 3 weeks. When we came back to Juneau, Jenny was even more balanced, content, self-assured, and healthy than she was when we left. Martha gave us updates as often as we wished while we were gone, successfully worked with Jenny on our choice of training priorities as well, provided appropriate clothing to keep comfortable in the inclement weather, as well as giving her plenty of 1:1 time, exercise and T-Touch. I did not have one moment of concern about Jenny's physical, mental or emotional health while we were gone, and we were so thrilled and surprised to get back an even more balanced dog than we left. Martha also gave us a thorough write-up of Jenny's care and concerns when we returned.

I whole-heartedly recommend Martha (Canines Unlimited) for all services and products, including the strongest recommendation for dog-sitting services that I have ever given anyone for anything. I have full confidence that you will be 100% satisfied and every bit as pleased as we were when you return."

Maggie Hamley, Juneau


"First, the dogs being with you took all the worry out of being away from them--a first for me--especially after receiving the emails and pictures of the dogs. In fact, the emails and pictures brought us a great deal of pleasure. (The pictures were like "icing on the cake.") For the first time in many years, I will feel comfortable leaving home for a two or three week vacation--something I have not done for years--and even then, uncomfortably so. You see, our dogs are the center of my life.

Secondly, the dogs came home better behaved than when they left. You definitely taught them (and us) a thing or two (or three or four) to help with their behavior. I really appreciate your tips about handling, and will follow through as you suggested.

Thirdly, your sincere love and caring for the dogs was apparent. When you talked about Josie, literally tears came to your eyes. Where in the world are you going to find someone to take care of your dogs whose love comes very close to that of your own?!

So. . . Thank you so very much!!"

Larry Bussone, Juneau

"Ted hasn't missed a beat getting back to routine. ...

Thank you so very much for your care during my surgery. I shall shout your praises from the rooftops."

Bobbie Lowden and Ted, Juneau

"Thanks, Martha. Gandhi looks wonderful! I haven't seen his coat shine like this in years. I will be taking him back to you for professional grooming. I can tell that he had an excellent visit/stay with you. ...We'll be in touch. Again, many thanks! Your service is invaluable; our dog came back looking and feeling a hundred times better than when we dropped him off."

Karina Reyes, Juneau


"We are very fortunate in Juneau to have someone like Martha Fischbach here. Having lost my last two dogs to cancer I am now more diligently researching nutrition and other modalities for dogs. I am a firm believer that the food/sustenance that we put into our bodies as humans and what we give our dogs to eat is a major factor for maintaining a healthy body and prevention of illnesses, including cancer. I have read many articles about how many of even the most well known dog and cat foods on the market are very low quality when truly analyzed and how they can contribute to many illnesses in dogs and cats. Martha offers very healthy and nutritious dog (and cat) foods that are not available anywhere else in Juneau. I was so pleased to read a recent article in The Whole Dog Journal where I saw their list of recommended dog foods and realized Martha sells these same brands. Not only does she offer us healthy dog food, but she offers many other complementary and alternative modalities to help keep our dogs healthy or treat them when they are ill, both physically and emotionally (fears, anxiety, etc.) such as TTouch, use of colors, stones/gems, music for healing. I highly recommend her talents and products to pet owners here in Juneau. "

Sincerely, Leslie Law



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