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Do you want a companion who is cooperative, calm, fits your lifestyle, and is flexible and self-confident; a dog that will do as asked; one that will live a happier, healthier, more productive, longer life? Your dog would like to be this way! Are you willing to spend the time and energy to achieve these results? Canines Unlimited Obedience Classes will help you and your dog reach these goals. It requires time and commitment on your part.

After 25 years of teaching obedience, training puppies and adult dogs, grooming, and education, we have observed many changes in dogs in general. Canines are exhibiting more hyperactivity, less focus, shorter life spans, more limited physical ability (range of motion and movement), and more behavior issues. Their living situations are much more demanding (less time for exercise, poorer foods, faster life pace of their family, less quality time due to more demands on the time of family members.) Obedience involves more than "commands," it means connecting to their situation and working with it. Sitting, for example, is hard if your hips hurt.

Issues range from mouthing on objects and people and licking (especially their feet) to difficulties being touched or handled (certain body parts) such as nail trimming or grooming. More dogs have barking issues, allergies are becoming commonplace, excessive weight is often present, and skin and joints frequently are involved (excessive shedding, itching, flakiness, stiffness, etc.) Through our services /products we have been able to help in many of these cases.

In 1996 we began introducing T Touch in all obedience classes. Almost 100% of our students' course evaluations reported positive changes and results from just a short introduction to it. Since 1994, we have been providing high quality food, supplements and treats as well as information and resources about diet and nutrition (which also affects behavior). Positive changes were reported.

We now also include a grooming class (so your pet can feel good outside as well as inside) and a class about your "Invisible Leash."

Putting together the increasingly positive responses to these tools and techniques as well as the dramatic changes seen in our own dogs, we are now going to include the whole obedience picture in our classes. Real "obedience" is about connecting to the mind, body and spirit of your dog, not jerking on a leash. It is about respect, cooperation and teamwork (human is leader). It is about taking the time to teach (not forcing an issue in a moment), learning to observe and read your dog, providing the tools necessary (information [mind], diet/nutrition/movement [body] and coming from the heart [spirit]) to achieve the desired results. Canines Unlimited Obedience Classes from the heart, for the mind, body and spirit of your dog.

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