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9. What training and/or behavior modification have you done so far?  
10. Your Training Experience:
11. Dog's Personality: Is/does your dog...

Friendly or aggessive to people or other dogs?
Overly shy or nervous around people or other dogs?

Jumps on people or uses mouth to play?

Barks or licks frequently?

Snaps or bites?

12. Dog's Environment:
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Has fenced yard or run
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13. What are your goals for you and your dog?
14. What do you like about your dog?
15. What is not so good about your dog?
16. Does your dog prefer the company of people or dogs?
17. How did you learn of these classes:
18. List vaccinations/titers and current expiration dates: Rabies, Bordatella (not required), and Distemper combo.


Bring to 1st class or submit before.

19. List special problems, comments, considerations or needs for your dog, especially dog or people reactiveness or aggression:

20. Release: (04019)

I register the dog named above and release Canines Unlimited, Martha Fischbach, SE Furniture Warehouse, other instructors and any other associated entity from all liability for damages or injuries of any nature that may arise in connection with training, exercise or activity classes.
I certify this dog has had puppy vaccinations and age appropriate vaccinations, and is immunized appropriately for health and safety, is in healthy condition, and is not a danger to other animals or humans. I certify I have and will produce written documentation from veterinarian, of all vaccination information prior to attending class.

Canines Unlimited has permission to use, and retains all rights to use any of my comments, any photos, or audio/video materials made for educational, informational, promotional or commercial purposes, such materials becoming the property of Canines Unlimited/Martha Fischbach. I understand there are no credits, transfers or refunds. Any adjustments made to accomdate special situations may incur an additional adminsitrative fee. Minors will be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

Training classes: Classes are to be completed within the course time frame for which registered. Classes may be added, combined, canceled or changed, subject to enrollment, at any time, without notice. Due to the flexible nature of some classes and enrollments, I understand the importance of being on time to assure my place in class, no reservations. I understand full payment is required to hold my place in class, and late fees apply after Registration Deadline.

My canine is able to be safely contained in my vehicle, as needed, during class.

Private Classes, Appointments/Consultations or Meetings CANCELLATION Policy: No later than 12 Noon the day BEFORE the scheduled class/appointment. If not cancelled/changed by that time, it will be considered taken/completed and you will be charged for the appointment. Any deposit paid (non-refundable) will be final and non-transferable.

REASSIGNMENT: Any canine participating in a group class, that displays behavior which is of safety concern or inappropriate for any person or dog in class, will, at the instructor's discretion, be reassigned to our Private Consultation serivce, and remaining class funds will be applied to Private Consultation at those rates. The Private Consultation services must be used within the time frame of the original class.

I have read, understood and agree with the class information, policies and fee structure per website publication, I agree to do my homework, agree to the payment schedule for which registered, and request signup for the E-newsletter. I promise to immediately contact Canines Unlimited/Martha Fischbach with any questions, comments, or concerns I have about class. These policies may be revised/changed at any time, without notice. The information submitted remains in effect, for future classes or services, until changed via email or in writing.

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