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A Juneau Exclusive!

Wire Haired Fox Terrier - before and after grooming

We are the only Juneau Groomer Professionally Certified in All-Breed Grooming, with extra credentialing in Canine Cosmetology and DermaTech techniques, plus many other techniques for improving the well-being of your pet (TTouch, Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics, etc.)

We are the only Juneau Groomer offering a "whole dog" approach to grooming, including offering products and supplies for dramatically improving your pet's skin and coat condition (reduce/eliminate itchiness, flaky skin, etc.), and reducing grooming costs, and specialized methods and techniques for calming, relaxing pets, so they feel exquisite from the inside out and outside in.

We are the only person handling and working on your pet. For maximum care and quality, we have chosen not to have volunteer or lesser qualified personnel handling your pet. For the health and safety of your dog, our grooming appointments are all Private Appointments.

We offer five types of grooming services:

Nagayu CO2 Spa For Coat Repair, Skin Recovery, Odors, Deep Cleansing, Moisturizing, Overall health care
Basic Clean-upFor economically minded, a simple shampoo and rinse, some blow drying with high speed dryer (air dry finish at home), brushing, basic nail trim, other services can be added. Full or Partial Basic Clean-Up available.
Premium GroomingState of the Art, exquisite grooming. Full grooms as well as partials (as much or as little as you like). Your pet gets complete pampering, coat and skin is immaculately clean and conditioned, completely dematted and brushed, dried, with detail finishing and nail clipping. More info.
Basic Dog Baths"Just-A-Bath", Economical, quick, professionally done while-you-wait, towel/blot dry. Average dog takes about 12 minutes. Air dry at home.
Juneau Dog Wash Do-it-yourself, easy on your back, no mess at home, full service. More info.
Products & suppliesDramatically improve your pet's skin and coat condition (reduce/eliminate itchiness, flaky skin, paw licking, etc.), and reducing grooming costs




RB McMullen-Grooming and Photo by Martha Fischbach








Premier Grooming-Professional Full Service Grooming


Our power dryers get rid of loose dog hair and dander, and dramatically reduce shedding and dander!

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State of the Art, exquisite grooming. Your pet gets total, complete pampering, by a Certified Professional All-Breed Groomer/Trainer/Behaviorist, with advanced training in all aspects of your pet's grooming care, in a safe environment.

Each session is tailored to your dog's particular skin and coat needs and your grooming specifications. Satisfaction guaranteed. Everything is included:

  • Show quality low/no odor shampoo (whatever type is best for your dog...deodorizing, brightening, hypoallergenic, etc.,) We do not use highly perfumed shampoos, which many beings are sensitive to, out of consideration for both our two and four legged clients.
  • conditioner (reduces itching/scratching, conditions coat, protects skin,)
  • TTouch (internationally acclaimed technique, better than massage,)
  • HydroSurge bathing experience (like a whirlpool/shower massage combination...deep cleaning, wonderfully relaxing and soothing,) environmentally friendly (saves on electricity, heat and water)
  • hand drying (maximum hair and dander removal) and/or
  • cage drying (whichever is best for your dog)
  • skin inspection/report,
  • brushing,
  • dematting,
  • nails thoroughly trimmed (not just tipped,)
  • foot webbing cleaned (top and bottom,)
  • ears cleaned and (as appropriate) ear hair removed,
  • eye discharge and stain cleaned up,
  • anal sacs checked/expressed, as appropriate,
  • clippering/hand scissoring/thinning according to your specifications,
  • scarf or bow(s), sparkle toes,
  • sparkle dust for elegant or special occasions,
  • special handling for animals with special needs (old, infirm, etc.,)
  • inspection and report of any particular condition found (lumps, scabs, etc.) and behavior issues
  • recommendations for improving your pet's skin, coat, nails, etc.
  • private/semi-private appointments
  • our facility has full spectrum lighting, for a soothing experience for your pet

New! Nagayu CO2 Pet Bathing System, from Japan

|| CO2 SPA Bathing System for Pets Nagayu SPA


Nagayu CO2 SPA is able to decompose the body fluid that caused the odor, and give a much better cleaning than regular water. At the same time, the effect of the bicarbonate ions, hydrogen ions also wash off mineral waste and silicon dirt clogged in the hair root. This results in a full, silky, and healthy coat. We suggest to try Nagayu CO2 SPA without using the conditioner after shampoo to see the improvement on the hair condition.

Set up your appointment today! 907-790-DOGS (3647) or email Canines Unlimited.




We can use Nagayu CO2 SPA to shower on the problem area, or soak in a bathtub.

Nagayu CO2 SPA speeds up the healing process by increasing blood flow, allow cells to absorb more nutrients and more oxygen for the process of cell regeneration. We know that deep-cleaning can also cause over-dryness for the skin, so we added moisturizing supplement into the tablet to avoid the problem.


Above: Front leg of a labradoodle that licks and chews.
Photos one week apart after 1 Nagayu session.
Dog stopped licking/biting.
Owners booked six more treatments.


Ways to Use

Set up your appointment today! 907-790-DOGS (3647) or email Canines Unlimited.

After shampooing and rinsing the pet, insert one Nagayu CO2 tablet into the Nagayu professional shower head and use as your final rinse. This process takes approximately three minutes. The tablet has a moisturizing supplement within, so rinsing with water after is NOT NECESSARY. For larger pets, you may require a second CO2 tablet

Insert suggested amount (Please refers to "Volume of use") of Nagayu tablets into a tub. Submerge the pet, keeping their head above the water line. Soak the pet for 5-15 minutes for best results.

Dissolve Nagayu tablet into one to two liters of warm water and soak a towel with it, squeeze off excess water and gently wipe the affected areas. Alternatively, you can dissolve the CO2 into a spray bottle and treat the affected area daily. Use the dissolved tablet in the water within 12 hours of dissolving for best results.


One Nagayu tablet to 10L water
Small size dog (under 10kg) - 1~2 pucks (Ex: Yorkshire, Maltese, Chihuahua, Toy Poodles)
Medium size dog (11-30kg) - 3~4 pucks (Ex:Shiba Inu, Shetland, French Bulldog, Corgi)
Large size dog (31-50gk) - 5~6 pucks (Ex: Dalmatian, Golden Retriever, Huskies)

The volume of use on above are the suggestion base on general size. You may adjust the volume of use based on the usual grooming habit of your pet.

|| How does it work?

A Nagayu tablet generates millions of carbonic acid and hydrogen ion and transforms the water into CO2 SPA. While showering with CO2 SPA, these CO2 enter the blood vessels and cause it to expand and increase the blood flow. Thus cells receive more nutrients and oxygen, results boosting metabolism and enhancing recovery.

A Nagayu tablet for pets contains special moisturizing supplemenst which provides dermal care, rinsing with water after is NOT NECESSARY.

Although safe for the eyes and general areas of contact, excessive drinking of dissolved water is not recommended. Keep out of reach of children and stop use if there is any discomfort.


We specialize in creating a relaxing, enjoyable experience for your pet and excellence in the safety, care and grooming of your pet. Email us at info@caninesunlimited.com to make an appointment or call (907) 790-DOGS (3647) (see Contact).


(Boarding dog, with grooming service)

"Thanks, Martha. Gandhi looks wonderful! I haven't seen his coat shine like this in years. I will be taking him back to you for professional grooming. I can tell that he had an excellent visit/stay with you. ...We'll be in touch. Again, many thanks! Your service is invaluable; our dog came back looking and feeling a hundred times better than when we dropped him off."

Karina Reyes, Juneau

Safety and low stress
For the health and safety of your pet, pets are not allowed to free run and "play" in our facility, or come into direct contact with other dogs, hence avoiding possible altercations or unplanned events/transmissions. To reduce exposure to other dog noises or conditions we only offer private and semi private appointments, which allows us maximum control over their environment.

Find out for yourself, why our clients rate our services as "Excellent."

We Respect Your Valuable Time and Appreciate Your Business...
...and we ask that you do the same for us.

Please allow ample time in your schedule to arrive on time and pick your dog up on time. Please advise us by 12 noon the day prior to your appointment of special circumstances that may apply to your scheduled appointment to give us time to accommodate the changes.


All groomers and groomings are not the same

We invite you to compare our quality, standards, education, training, awards, experience, customer service and final products with other service and product providers in our area. Our clients tells us our quality and care is superior and unsurpassed.

Your Canines Unlimited groomer is a certified, all-breed professional groomer, with advanced training in Canine Cosmetology (advanced styling techniques, anatomy and breed standards as applied to canine design and cosmetic illusion and advanced animal behavior and management;) advanced Dermatech prep (skin and coat care and conditioning;) also a TTouch Practitioner and obedience trainer/instructor. Our training has been with Certified Master Groomers, Grooming School Instructors and Grooming Judges and industry leaders. We have received local, state and national awards and recognition for our outstanding services and community service. We are certified, licensed and insured, in business since 1991.

Because we want you and your pet to have only the very finest and best serivce, we do not allow lesser qualified/trained personnel to work with or handle your pet. Consequently, you get the fullest, most thorough report on your dog's condition, and a consistent working knowledge of your pet's condition from grooming to grooming, start to finish.

Our clients rate us as "excellent." Due to the individual nature of each and every grooming, costs involved vary for each and every grooming. Call us or Email us at info@caninesunlimited.com, (907) 790-DOGS (3647) for an estimate. You will be charged only for what you do get, not for what you may think your pet is getting but do not receive, and not an "average" price, where you may be paying for the everyone else's pets needs, instead of just your own.

Due to the individual nature of each and every client, and the multitude of variables involved in a grooming, s
cheduling animal grooming appointments is a complicated process and the trickle down, cascading effect of late arrivals or no-shows is costly to everyone involve, including every other client that day. If you can't make your appointment on time, please call and let us know as soon as possible. Our cancellation policy is 12:00noon, the day prior to your appointment, or full pay.

Policies and Fees: May be amended, changed or updated, at any time, without notice.

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