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Taste Tests - How to

Place 3-5 different foods to test on the floor, labeled, and then let your dog in. Video if you can.Post-its are quick and easy to use, and stick to the floor.Dog eye viewTry different configurations, leave space between choices.A 3 x 5 card, taped to the floor, can work well.Remember, cats can taste test, too.You only need a few kibble for taste tests.

Taste Tests are sort of like a sports contest. You start out competing with other individuals, and over time and multiple "tests" you come up and a highest rated individual (or product) in that group. The "winners" from multiple groups, then compete, for the highest rated individual (or product) of that comparison. And on until you get best individual or product at that time.

Here's how to do it:

1. Decide where you are going to do your taste tests, then put the dog in a different room, while you prepare the tests.
2. Pick 2-5 different foods, and put a small amount on a labeled card, on the floor. Kibble can be placed on a 3x5 card or a sticky note, soft or moist foods would need to be in a dish that is set on the floor next to the label (see below for The Honest Kitchen taste tests). Include the food you are currently feeding, too, to get a comparison and opinion from your dog.
3. Be sure to leave some space between each sample.
4. Video it if you can, placing yourself so you can see the dog and label of the food. (Digital cameras take good video clips these days.) Or take photos, if possible, to help you remember what your dog did.
5. Take notes, as objectively as you can, as to your dog's behavior. There are no right or wrong answers.
6. Remove your dog when he is done with the presented food, repeat the test with the same samples, but mix up the order. Then let your dog in again, and see what happens.
7. Repeat the process another two or three times, mixing up the order or placement each time, to get a good reading on your dog's opinion of those foods. Keep taking notes and videos or photos.
8. If you have more samples, you can keep going with more and more tests. After you have several "group" winners (preferred foods), put the winners together as a group, and test them together, to get the preferred food of that group.
9. Save your sample bags for valuable information about ingredients.

Keep in mind that your taste test is about your dog's opinion of the food(s) at that moment in time. Due to the changing nature of individual needs, you may get different outcomes from doing the tests at another time. If you are getting information from your dog that his dietary needs are changing (does not seem to want his food so enthusiastically, won't eat it, etc.), you might consider doing another series of taste tests, to find out how he has changed in his preferences.

Have fun with the tests, learn lots, repeat when you want more information. Happy testing! :-)

The Honest Kitchen taste test videos-quality and convenience. Dehydrated, whole food...just add water, hydrate and serve! Our thanks to Rick Wery and his crew for the video clips, used with his permission.

Click inside the images below to view our series of Honest Kitchen Dog taste test videos.
(Alternately, click on the link next to the image, if the image will not play)








Odie before and after natural foods

Great nutrition is essential for all parts of your pet's life. For dogs like Odie (pictured above, before and after) with certain health conditions a high quality diet with supplements, is essential.

Dog and Cat foods
Free samples are available of many of these foods and treats. Just ask.
BrandNameVarietiesDescriptionAlso carry
Orijen & AcanaKibble and Freeze Dried and Treats  

Red Barn Roll Dog Food

3 sizes:

10 oz.
2# 3 oz.

Lamb (wheat free)

Besides being a complete dog food, I use these as treats. Easy to slice roll, then dice into cubes...I can get at least 1000 treat cubes out of a 10 oz roll. They are a big hit in training classes! 

Sojos (Sojourner Farms)

Dehydrated Dog Food

Original, Turkey, Beef, Foundation formula, Grain Free varieties and with Grains varietiesWhole food. Feed hydrated or dry. Hydrates up into chunks of food. Can also use to sprinkle on dog's other food, as a nutrituion boost and tasty add on. Human grade ingredients. 
Dried N Alive Dehydrated
Dog Food
Whole Food, NO filler/starches, Grain Free, kibble-like cubes. Can be fed dry or hydrated, or as treats. Human grade ingredients.
Dog & Cat Food

Other flavors available

Kibble, canned and Dehydrated

Lots of variety, many unique proteins, much Grain Free; human grade ingredients; can use as tasty nutrition boost sprinkled on your dog's regular food. From Australia.
Ziwi Peak
Dog & Cat Food

Jerky type food, Dehydrated
and Canned



NO Fillers, Grain Free

Easy to use as treats, too
Works great in many interactive treat toys and puzzles.

From Australia

Also Treats

Premium Edge


Dog & Cat Food



For budget minded, better than average quality.
Spring Naturals Dog Food



Kibble and canned

With Real Meat and Fish, NO Meat MEAL of any kind. Human grade ingredients. With and without grains.

No Soy, corn or wheat.

Spring Naturals Treats
Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried Dog Food Nuggets Chicken, Beef and Lamb, all
Grain Free

Human Grade Ingredients Human Grade Processing Inspection
USDA meat
Manufactured in Oregon, USA
Nugget size pieces, can be flaked apart

Can also use as treats or sprinkle on dog's other food, as a nutrituion boost and tasty add on
Stella and Chewy's Freeze Dried Dog Food

Duck Duck Goose
Surf 'n Turf

Grain Free

Human Grade Ingredients Most ingredients are Organic,
Grain Free, NO FILLERS

In patties, can be flaked apart

Can also use as treats or sprinkle on dog's other food, as a nutrituion boost and tasty add on
Nutrisca Freeze Dried Dog Food BitesBeef
Grain Free
In small pattie bite sized pieces, can be flaked apart
Can also use as treats or sprinkle on dog's other food, as a nutrituion boost and tasty add on

Real Meat Dog and Cat food


Dog: Lamb, Chicken, Beef

Cat: Lamb, Chicken, Beef

Grain Free




90% Real Meat, Air Dried. Meat in our products is sourced from only the finest farms, free ranging and humanely raised without growth hormones or antibiotics and our fish are from the deep clear oceans of the South Pacific.

Free range grass-fed animals are higher in omega-3 fatty acids, beta carotene and maintain a better ph balance than animals from feed lots.

Each ounce of Real Meat Food is equivalent to 3 ounces of fresh meat!
Can be served as is, or hydrated.

Real Meat Treats

Lotus Dog and Cat Food, Kibble and Canned

Oven Baked (not extruded)

Chicken, and Lamb (with grains) Kibble

No Corn or Wheat

Duck-Grain Free, Kibble

Canned: Chicken & Asparagus, other flavors available

Human grade ingredients

Because we bake our dog and cat foods, we are able to use up to twice as much fresh meat as extruded pet foods. Then there’s better palatability.
Canidae Dog and Cat kibble and canned

Grain free, and with grain varieties available.

Human grade ingredients.

Grandma Lucy's Artisan Freeze Dried Dog Food (Grain Free);

Pureformance (Grain Free, Potatoe Free)
Flavors: Chicken, Lamb, Pork, Bison, Venison •USA Originated Ingredients
•Grain-Free Recipes
•USDA Meat
•Human-Grade Ingredients
•Hormone and Antibiotic Free Meats
•No By-Products
•Tough Standards
•All Products Made in Our California Facility
Nutrisca Dog Kibble

Grain Free and Potato Free.

Flavors: Chicken and Chickpea and Lamb and Chickpea

By Dogswell



Dog and cat canned food

Amazon Liver Dog
Bed & Breakfast Dog
Cirque de la Mar Dog
Jammin Salmon Dog
Marbella Paella Dog
Paw Lickin Chic Dog
Grandma Chic Soup Dog
Peking Ducken Dog
Wok the Dog
Kurobuta Pagoda Dog
Kobe Yume Dog

Outback Grill Cat
BFF GF Valentine Cat
CITK Chick Magnet Cat
....and more

Human grade ingredients, meeting the highest standards of quality, some organic ingredients, and BPA free cans!


Testimonial: Melissa Murphy hopes we're always around, to continue providing outstanding dog food and products.
Giving us an "excellent" rating, she says: "My standard poodle and cat eat Honest Kitchen and they both love it. My poodle is a terribly picky eater but she has never turned her nose up to this food. My cat has always been skinny but with this food [Prowl] he has gained an appropriate amount of weight and has shiny fur. Lots of energy and he loves to eat it! I am an Honest Kitchen customer for life!"
Thanks, Melissa!

The Honest Kitchen

For Dogs and Cats


THK Love and Grace



Dehydrated whole raw food. Just add warm water, wait 10 minutes, and serve. Comes in 10#, 4# and 4 oz. travel packets. Samples available.

Now with Free-Range, sustainably raised Chicken in Force, Thrive and Prowl

Treats and supplements
Taste of the Wild Dog Food

High Prairie (Bison/Venison)
Wetlands Formula (Duck, Turkey, Quail, Chicken)
Pacific Stream (Smoked Salmon)
Sierra Mountain (Roasted Lamb)

Rocky Mtn Feline

Kibble and Canned

All are Grain Free and All Life Stages

Solid Gold Logo

Solid Gold Sun Dancer Dog Food

Sun Dancer-newest flavor, Chicken with Quinoa (gluten free)

Hi Martha,

Kobuk started eating the King Wolf dog food about 3 weeks ago and boy what a difference!
His coat is softer, he eats less and is satisfied faster, and best of all his stools are solid!
We will be by today to pick up another bag.
Thank you so much!!

Jeanne Pedersen

Solid Gold

Wolf King
Wolf Cub
Holistique Blendz
Barking at the Moon
Sun Dancer
Wee Bits
SG Canned (Lamb, Chicken, Turkey)

Solid Gold Hund-n-Flocken Dog Food Flakes are completely natural, highly digestible and low in fat. Protein sources include Amaranth, the "grain of the future", Menhaden fish meal and lamb meal. Barley, chosen for its non-allergenic properties, contains soluble fiber which reduces the absorption of fats and contains fat-soluble oxidants related to Vitamin E. Yucca has a 2,000 year history of use for bone and joint problems and has natural color control for both the body and manure. Beta Carotene, Blueberries, Garlic, Millet, and unsaturated vegetable fats are also found in this preservative free nearly perfect pet food! Samples available.Also SG treats and supplements
Chicken Soup for the Dog (or Cat) Lover's SoulIn Puppy, Adult, Light, and Senior, Large Breed Puppy, Large Breed Adult Dog and Cat. Also canned food varieties available.(Human grade ingredients, excellent recipes.) Samples available. 

Old Mother Hubbard Wellness Dog and Cat (kibble and canned)

(Lamb, chicken, whitefish, senior, puppy, weight mgmt.) and cat food, kibble and canned
(Chicken, Lamb, Duck, Senior, Turkey, Vennison, Fish and Sweet Potato)

Also CORE (no grains) in Regular, Reduced Cal. and Ocean.

Wellness represents a new generation of uniquely formulated, all-natural pet food which rivals human food in quality, nutrition and the cooking process.

Wellness Treats
Wellness Supplements (vitamins, joint, skin & coat, and more)

Old Mother Hubbard Wellness 95%

Salmon, Beef, Turkey, Venison, Chicken, Lamb for dogsPacked with all-natural, super premium deboned salmon, our new Wellness 95% Can formulas are a delicious compliment to dry kibble. As a mixer or a topper, they’re simply delicious. There are NO meat by-products, wheat, corn, soy, or artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. Try all five formulas today!
Simple Solutions Dog FoodOld Mother Hubbard Wellness Simple Solutions

Natural Relief of Food Allergies and Intolerances

Simple Salmon Formula

Simple Duck Formula

Only 5 main ingredients (one main protein) and one carbohydrate, to help reduce allergic reactions. A complete and balanced food.
Old Mother Hubbard Wellness Core Dog and Cat food

Turkey, chicken base, GRAIN FREE, regular and reduced calorie and ocean formulas

Also CORE canned food, Original & Ocean formula

A new product from Old Mother Hubbard Wellness, this is high in protein and fat, due to not having grains. Great recipe. Consider trying this if you think your dog has a grain allergy. Samples available.
OrganixDog and Cat, kibble and cannedOrganic kibble and canned food. Samples available.
Instinct (grain free)

Dog, canned and kibble

Duck, Rabbit, Venison, Chicken available

Instinct, complete nutrition. No Grains. Especially helpful for food sensitive dogs.
Merrick Regular canned, BG (Before Grains), and kibble.

Merrick, canned, MANY flavors

Merrick, Before Grains, (grain free) Pork. Kibble. Other flavors available upon request.

One of our most popular canned dog foods.

All human grade ingredients, in delicious recipies




Treats: Free samples are available, of many of these treats

Ryia Waldern of Juneau says "[Canines Unlimited has] the best (and healthiest) selection [of treats and chews] in town! I don't feel like I need to check the ingredients to make sure they are safe and the best my dog can get!"


New treats:
Kangaroo Jerky (High in Antioxidants, promotes dental hygiene)
Venison Cartilage (great new chew)
Goat Liver (Grass Fed Goats, from New Zealand)
Sweet Potato Chews (High in Fiber)
Beef Trachea (3") (Natural Source of Glocosamine & Chondroitin)

Ark Naturals Sea Mobility

Natural Joint Support, with Sea Cucumber, MSM, Glocosamine in a delicious treat! Soft chewable squares or strips.

Looking for a healthy, nutritious, economical and easy training treat?

Bravo Trail Mix Training Treats, in tiny bite sizes...great for clicker training!
Human Grade Ingredients: 100% Grass Fed Buffalo, Turkey, Vermont Cheddar Cheese, All Beef Hot Dogs
Grain Free
Almost 700 treats in a bag!

Cats love them, too.

Spring Naturals has wonderful, human grade ingredient treats! Beef, Chicken and Lamb, Turkey, Turkey and Salmon. In Grain Free flavors, too. See also Spring Naturals Dog Foods.

RH chew sticks

New Raw Hide Retriever Rolls, USDA Beef, Hide is WATER PROCESSED, without toxic chemicals! Comes in several sizes, including Super Extra Thick. Long Lasting!

Also USDA Beef hide, with Chicken basting, from Good Buddy.Morgan is enjoying her WATER PROCESSED Rawhide Retriever Roll!

A whole new variety of Antlers, including for small dogs, puppies and seniors, Deer, Moose and Elk flavors

O'Paws & Momentum

100% USDA Freeze Dried, for Dogs and Cats:

Turkey Hearts, Chicken Hearts, Beef Hearts, Duck Hearts, Lamb Tripe, Performance Dog (Beef), Pork Tenderloin

Pure Bites -
100% Freeze Dried

USDA Chicken Breast
Cheddar Cheese

Real Meat Treats

Grain Free, for Dogs and Cats



Dry Roasted, 100% meat/organ

Venison Lung Puff
Lamb Liver Snap

Wishes Fish Treats

Wishes (from The Honest Kitchen) for Dogs & Cats

100% human grade, wild caught Icelandic Haddock. It is dehydrated in fillets that can be snapped into smaller pieces.



Pumpkin and fruit (apple, blueberry or cranberry), in a low calorie (only 9 calories each), tasty, fruity treat. Especially great for dogs with meat or fish allergies.

INU Treats



INU treats

Pawstickers, Nori Bone and Poochi Moochi

Made with human grade ingredients, these yummy treats come in cute shapes, with chicken, or salmon and kelp, or blueberries. Ask for a free sample when you come in.

Zuke's treats

Zukes Mini Bakes (Turkey and 'Taters, Chicken and Cherryz), Organic Mean Greens and Organic Berry Blast

More great treats from Zukes, with more than 320/650 treats in a box.





New Flavors - Pumpkin & Sage
and Blueberry and Lavendar

Ginger & Parsley Biscuits - Arthritic Relief & Fresher Breath
Barkwheats are all-natural buckwheat dog biscuits, hand-crafted in our bakery in Stockton Springs, Maine. They are baked with the highest quality ingredients, including certified organic dark buckwheat flour, free-range organic eggs, safflower oil, ginger, parsley, sea vegetable and chamomile. Since buckwheat is a berry, not a grain, Barkwheats are gluten-free treats, safe for dogs with wheat allergies. We use local, organic, and fair trade ingredients, of which nearly 100% are Maine-sourced.

These biscuits are our "original flavor" and a sure fire hit with any dog! Ginger is regularly given to help alleviate gastrointestinal distress (gas), nausea, and inflammation of joints and glands. Parsley contains a great amount of vitamin K, which was shown in scientific studies to help reduce tumor formation, particularly in the lungs. This leafy herb is also used as a breath freshener to keep those puppy kisses even more enjoyable! With ginger's unique flavor and health properties, and parsley's ability to help freshen breath and provide vital nutrients, this is one biscuit that won't be passed up!

SeaVeg & Chamomile Biscuits - Detoxify The Body & Calm The Mind
Barkwheats are all-natural buckwheat dog biscuits, hand-crafted in our bakery in Stockton Springs, Maine. They are baked with the highest quality ingredients, including certified organic dark buckwheat flour, free-range organic eggs, safflower oil, ginger, parsley, sea vegetable and chamomile. Since buckwheat is a berry, not a grain, Barkwheats are gluten-free treats, safe for dogs with wheat allergies. We use local, organic, and fair trade ingredients, of which nearly 100% are Maine-sourced.

Our certified organic sea vegetable (bladderwrack) powder comes straight from the cold ocean off the Maine coast and is free of heavy metals. Known for it's detoxification properties and weight control abilities (due to the stimulation of the thyroid), bladderwrack has been a staple in coastal culture for centuries as both a food and a medicine. Chamomile also works to calm inflammation and as a treatment for nerves and stomach ailments. Chamomile also helps to remove mucus buildup associated with colds and other infections. Add that to the soothing comfort that chamomile provides, and your dog is sure to give you a big, lapping thank you when you feed these biscuits!

Trachea(Beef) Trachea are naturally high in glucosamine and chondroitin. From grass fed cows. 12", 6" and chips.

Plato Organice Chicken and Duck Treats










Plato Organic Chicken Strips are made with fresh organic chicken and other organic, natural, premium ingredients to make a tasty treat that is a healthy and safe reward for your dog.

Plato Chicken Strips are:
• Over 90% Organic Chicken
• Natural ingredients, fortified with antioxidants
• No artificial colors, or flavors
• Naturally preserved.
• Antioxidant vitamins E and C.
• No meat by-products or meals.
• Fortified with Zinc Proteinate

Plato Duck Strips
It is a sad fact, but as much as 20% of all dogs have food allergies. We believe that those dogs are just as deserving of healthy, fresh, and tasty treats as the rest. With that in mind we created our Plato Natural Duck Strips as a solution for dogs with food allergies to chicken and other meats.

Plato Kangaroo Strips
Now available.

Plato Salmon Strip
Now available.

Solid gold Petzyme Dog and Cat Treat

Solid Gold Petzyme Dog and Cat treat. 100% dehydrated green beef tripe. Variety of sizes. Crunchy.



Grizzly NuTreats

Grizzly NuTreats. Grain Free. Crunchy. Great training treat!
Wild salmon; salmon protein, bone powder, oil; smoked wild salmon; alfalfa powder; porcine gelatine, deep sea kelp; mixed natural tocopherols,rosemary extract. Essential amino acids, bio-available calcium.


Pawbreakers Catnip Treat for Cats

Pawbreakers Catnip Treat for Cats! Cat Fancy 2005 Editor's Choice award. A solid ball of very high quality catnip, specially combined with a food-grade binding agent to make a tasty toy that can be chased and eaten with almost no mess.


Himalayan Dog Chews

Himalayan Dog Chew

What is it?
“Chiurpi,” as it is called in Nepal, is made by boiling yak and cow milk with a mild citric-acid additive that separates the curds. The curds are then packed tightly into sticks and dried for weeks. The result is a long-lasting chew treat that dogs just can’t seem to get enough of.

In Nepal, the cheese comes from an ancient recipe that is used by the locals to create a long-lasting snack that they can slowly work in their mouths while they are working in the fields.

Guaranteed Analysis
Protein 52.6 %. Fat 0.9 %. Ash Food 6.0 %. Moisture 10.2 %.

Yak and Cow Milk. Salt and Lime Juice.

What makes Himalayan Dog Chew so special?
This is a very long lasting dog chew. Dogs must work the end of the treat, softening it with their mouths before small parts of it can be slowly scraped off. It is 100% natural with no preservatives. It is an authentic type of cheese eaten by the people of the Himalayas. When you give this chew to your dog, you know that you are providing them with hours of high quality eating entertainment.

Wishbone beef tendons

Wishbone (beef) tendons

All natural dog chew.

Liver BiscottiLiver Biscotti
Organix Organic Dog CookiesOrganix Organic Dog Cookies
Pure RewardsWellness Pure Rewards, Venison, Chicken/Lamb, Beef, Salmon/Venison
Sea Jerky
Honest Kitchen Smooches, Nuzzles and PecksThe Honest Kitchen's Smooches and Nuzzles and Pecks
Wellness Wellbars (wheat free), in Yogurt, Peanut and Fish
Solid Gold's Buckaroo Beef
Bully Sticks-low/no ordorBully Sticks (from free range, grass fed, Argentine beef) Regular and Extra Thick. Also Bully pieces, medium and Large.
Chew bones for heavy/aggressive chewers

Flossies, Regular and Jumbo

Flossies, Regular and Jumbo

The Honest Kitchen's Ice Pups
Zuke's Jerky Naturals, Lamb or Beef and Hip Action
Old Mother Hubbard Bitz
Zuke's Mini Naturals (Chicken, Salmon, Peanut Butter, Wild Rabbit)
Newman's Own Organics (Chicken, Cheese, Peanut Butter)
Old Mother Hubbard Biscuits (Assorted), in Mini, Medium and Large bones)
Beef Liver Treats
Zuke's Power Bones (Chicken, Lamb, Peanut Butter)
Rawhide Bones-triple compressesRawhide Bones (triple compressed) and Rawhide sticks
Rawhide Rolls-triple compressedRawhide Rolls (triple compressed)
Solid Gold Jerky treatsSolid Gold Jerky Treats (Tiny Tots, Lamb, Beef, Turkey)
Red Barn Rolls (treats or as meals, complete food). Lamb and Chicken.
Solid Gold LA (Lamb Appeal) Treats

Supplements...Give us a call for information or come by to see for yourself.

Glacier Peak HolisticsI am very pleased to announce the addition of Glacier Peak Holistics Supplements and Sensitivity (Alternative Nutritional) Assessments (over 200 Food & Trigger items, Environmental Toxins & Trigger items, plus Beneficial Enzymes, Herbs, Homeopathics, and more), to our ever growing inventory of healthy and helpful supplements and modalities to help your pet to balance and well being. Stop the Food Elimination guessing! Herbal Aspirin, Glacier Peak Gold (for yeast and other viral/fungal issues), anti-inflamatory, Collodial Silver and more, are available.

Ark Naturals Supplements

Chewable Tablets

Human Quality, Manufactured in USA
No Sugar, Wheat, Gluten or Yeast

O'Paws Fundamental vitality and Advanced Mobility

I brought my 12 year old black Lab to Canines Unlimited to be groomed about a month ago. My dog had been refusing to eat (staring at her bowl of food and whining), was losing weight, shedding like crazy and had very dry skin. She was looking and acting much older than her years. When I picked her up from her apptment. she looked so nice with her shiny healthy looking coat. Martha (the owner) mentioned to me how important nutrition was at this age and to experiment with high quality canned dog food. She also suggested a supplement called Fundamental Vitality; a blend of vitamins/minerals, mobility enhancers and probiotics. Martha said that I should see a difference in my dog in just few days. So I did what she suggested and was so happy to see such a difference in her eating, energy, and coat condition. She was like different dog; it was incredible! Thank you Martha for your sharing your passion with others!

Nikki Richert

Fundamental Vitality and

Advanced Mobility

by O'Paws

Superior supplements-
Our Product of the Year, 2010!

Fundamental Vitality provides vitamins and minerals, omegas and probiotics, with joint support

Advanced Mobility is a joint support supplement.

Available in 1# and 2# sizes.

The testimonials of awesome results continue to come in.

PetzLife Oral Gel and Spray

PetzLife Oral Gel and Spray

For Cats and Dogs, and Humans

Cleans teeth, naturally. No brushing required. Save hundreds of dollars on veterinary teeth cleaning (which costs about $600), and no anesthesia! Cost, about $25. For cats and dogs and humans. Dog at right (Nanook) formerly had severe plaque build up, now teeth are clean.

Clean teeth after PetsLife

Testamonial for PetzLife

PetzLife oral care spary has saved us thousands of dollars on vet dental cleanins in the last 2 years! Our dog had chipped a tooth on a rock he absolutely needed to pick up on the beach one day. The vet had paut a sealant on the tooth to prevent it from being pulled. Our dog's teeth needed a professional cleaning every 8-10 months even though we burshed them every night. It's been over a year and a half since his last cleaning and he just had a healthy vet visit. his sealant is still intact and he still doesn't need a professional cleaning. Thanks Martha!
Sara Dolan and Thumper/Juneau

Angel's Eyes


Angels' Eyes

For Cats and Dogs

Photos at right: Without and with Angels' Eyes Supplement

Dog on right had extreme tear staining and brown stains from licking on chest and both front legs. After using Angels' Eyes, no more stains. It is a supplement that is sprinkled on their food.

Before Angels'Eyes

Before Angels' Eyes

Without Angels' Eyes

Nanook, after using Angels' Eyes

Nanook, after using Angels' Eyes


TO: Canines Unlimited
Re: Sir Nanook Mizpah
Subject: Angels' Eyes, Petz Life Oral Care Gel and Missing Link

Nanook is a 9 ½ year old American Eskimo. Around the time he turned 3 years old we started having problems with a red stain showing up on his coat, beginning with under his eyes, then showing up on the bib of his chest and then on his front legs. From the time he was a pup we gave him Vitamins. We took Nanook to Martha for grooming about the time he turned 4 years old and Martha suggested we start Nanook on MISSING LINK. His coat started to improve immediately, becoming softer, more supple, and shinny. However, we continued to fight this discoloration with no success.

Then in the summer of 2005 we began giving him ANGELS' EYES. This is truly an amazing product. Within weeks we could see a difference in his coat…the red/brown discoloration began to lighten and within 6 months there was not a hint of discoloration (red/brown stain) on his coat. We continue to use ANGELS' EYES twice a week now. His coat is soft as silk ALWAYS and even shines.

Nanook also had to have ½ of his teeth removed because of the tartar/plaque build up and our lacking to be able to care for his teeth. A year after beginning the Angels' Eyes, we began giving him the PETZLIFE ORAL CARE GEL. His teeth are now in great shape and it looks as though he will keep the rest of them for the rest of his life.

I am Thankful for the ANGELS' EYES as he is a WHITE American Eskimo. The red/brown discoloration certainly took away the breath taking beauty of an American Eskimo. I can not say enough about each of these products and strongly encourage anyone who has a dog or cat to give these products a try.

Mary Horton

Missing LinkMissing Link for Dogs, also Plus, (with Glucosamine), Cat & Vegetarian. An outstanding supplement, especially useful in a shed control program. All wholesome, natural ingredients (no synthetics).
Liquid Health-joint support
Next Level-joint support
PetzLife@EazePetzLife @-Eaze

Calming Support for Pets

Relieves stress and anxiety in pets (dogs and cats). Botanical extracts and vitamins that help promote a restful relaxed state without causing reduced alertness.

Lithe Tea

Lithe Tea, from The Honest Kitchen

Lithe Tea is designed to support healthy mobility, bone and joint function (flexion and movement). Made with alfalfa, white willow bark, yucca, ginger, red clover, and boswellia, it can be made into a tea and added to your pet's food or sprinked on loose leaf on top of the food.


Boswellia - has anti-inflammatory and anti-artthritic properties.

Red Clover - improves the flow of blood, purifies blood by helping the body eliminate waste from blood.

White Willow Bark - has pain relieving properties and can reduce inflammation.

Yucca - also reduces inflammation in joint injuries, rheumatoid conditions and arthritis; and used externally for bruises, sprains and bone fractures.

Alfalfa - has a high content of Chlorophyll which promotes growth of connective tissue, and aids tissue repair in cases of arthritis.

Ginger - stimulates circulation, improves blood flow and has anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as promotes digestion.

 Solid Gold SeaMeal, Bonemeal
Animal Essential supplementsAnimal Essentials-Calcium, Enzymes, Omega oils
Tranquility herbs and flower essences

Animals' Apawthecary
including Echinachea/Goldenseal (boost immune, fight infections); Tinkle Tonic (soothe, lubricate, fight infection, reduce inflamation in urinary tract, aid in removing crystals); Tranquility; Alfalfa/Yucca blend (joint inflammation); Ginger-Mint (stomach upset, gas, travel sickness, etc.); Vitality Blend (boost immune system); and more.

Tranquility Blend by Animal Apawthecary (herbal)
To safely calm animals during acute episodes of anxiety without diminishing alertness. Contains Valerian, Skullcap, Passion Flower and Oat Flowers in vegetable glycerine and distilled water.

See below for Tranquility Flower Essence by Anaflora

Anaflora Flower EssencesAnaflora Flower Essences
including Recovery Remedy, Return to Joy, Tranquility, Wellness, Senior Dog, Loneliness, Good Dog, Relocation, Harmony, Healing and Balancing spray, Special Stress, and more.

Tranquility Flower Essence, by Anaflora (pictured up one row, far left column)

Ingredients: Alfalfa, REd Clover, White Clover, Filaree, Periwinkle in Mt. Shasta Spring Water and Brandy



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